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 Q.Light products are especially developed photo therapy devices for medical and cosmetic treatment as well as further products for professional treatment in the field of beauty & wellness.

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Medical treatment with Q.Light

Q.Light Photo Therapy is a valuable and optimal supplementation for many medical treatments and therapies.
Q.Light Photo Therapy is an optimal supplementation for many medical treatment methods, prevention applications as well as to support regeneration and healing processes.

The treatment with Q.Light supports, among other things, various phases of the natural regeneration potential of the human body.

It is inflammation retarding, pain reducing, improves perfusion, assists the development of new blood vessels, enhances lymphatic drainage and triggers general metabolic activity.

The Q.Light Photo Therapy also regulates the hormonal system and optimises neuro immunological parameters. The Q.Light Photo Therapy can simply be combined with standard treatment concepts and is therefore an interesting integratable treatment with general improvement of regeneration. No side effects have been reported related with the certified indications.

The biological effects related with the Q.Light Photo Therapy for medical applications are:
   - Activation of local and systemic micro circulation
   - Enhancement of oxygen transport into skin and tissue
   - Optimizes permeability of cell membrane
   - Improvement of cell metabolism
   - Stimulation of lymphatic activity
   - Regulation of hormonal system 

Choose Q. Light Therapy system For A Successful Treatment Of The Following Indications:

Acne Treatment
2.  Pain Therapy
Wound Care
4.  Sadness & Depression Treatment
5.  Cellulite
6.  Anti Aging
7.  Skin Care
8.  P.D.T photo Dynamic therapy

1. Acne Treatment with Q.Light Photo Therapy

The Q.Light ACNE CARE is especially designed for the natural and side effect free treatment of mild and moderate acne for Dermatologists, Cosmetic Institutes and for treatment and after care at home.

The main applications for the Q.Light ACNE CARE system are:

Mild and moderate

Common Acne

Acne Vulgaris:

Acne Comedonica

Acne Papulopustulosa

Acne Conglobata

Q.Light ACNE CARE kills on a biological manner the involved P. Acne bacteria with the emitted UV free polarized light with a spectrum of 385–500 nm.
Photo dynamic effect:
The pigment porphorin is a metabolic product coming from the propioni acnes bacteria (P. acne bacteria). Due to the treatment with Q.Light ACNE CARE porphorin is produced by the P. acne bacteria. Porphorin molecules absorb the emitted photons. By doing so, oxygen radicals are released. These free radicals destroy the cell membrane of the P. acne bacteria and kill it. (graphic with high resolution)

2. Pain Treatment with Q.Light Photo Therapy

The Q.Light Photo Therapy for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

The Q.Light PAIN CARE is especially designed for the application of pain care treatments in medical practices, clinics, specialized treatment centers, nursing homes/services and for treatment at home. The main applications for the Q.Light PAIN CARE therapy are:  

   - Rheumatologic diseases
   - Chronic pain

   - Backaches

Biological effectiveness:
The pain killing and inflammation retarding, as well as immune modulating effect of the Q.Light pain therapy is
based on the effects of polarized visible and near infrared light radiation. Studies evidence significant enhanced micro circulation of total circulating blood volume. Irradiated blood is able, already after short treatment time, to produce a photo modulation effect in the complete organism within a time of 90 minutes. Continuation of changes are observed to be continued, at a slower rate, for up to 24 hours after irradiation. These systemic mechanisms are for example:

   - Improvement of rheologic transport and transport functions
   - Optimised oxygen transport to cells
   - Increased functional activity of monocytes, granulocytes and lymphocytes
   - Induced lipid per-oxidation in plasma
   - Production- and increase of anti-inflammatory cytokines

Q.Light PAIN CARE treatment is effective due to polarised light radiation with a spectrum of 580-1700 nm. 

3. Wound Healing with Q.Light Photo Therapy

Q.Light Photo Therapy is used for general wound care, for treatment of chronic wounds as well as for prevention of wounds.
The main applications for the Q.Light WOUND CARE are:
   - Stasis Ulcers/Leg Ulcers
   - Decubitus Ulcers/Pressure sores
   - Diabetic Gangrene
   - Surgical wounds
   - Injury wounds
   - Burns

Biological effectiveness:
The pain free Q.Light wound treatment supports micro circulation
and supplies proven influence on various phases of the wound healing. It is inflammation retarding and pain killing, activates immune defense, optimises perfusion and the development of new blood vessels. These wound healing effects are achieved by the two different Q.Light WOUND CARE treatment modules, with a spectrum between 385–780 nm and between 385–1700 nm. The polarized light radiation produces a power density of approx. 40 mW/cm². The Q.Light WOUND CARE treatment can easily be combined with other wound care programs and is therefore an interesting, valuable and effective treatment for improved treatment results. The significant, positive effect of the treatment with Q.Light is basically due to the up to 45% enhanced micro circulation in skin and tissue. The clear improved perfusion in blood capillaries, the higher concentration of growth factors for cell renewal, the increased deform ability of red blood cells and the optimized oxygen transport function of circulating blood leads to enhancement and/or reactivation of wound healing processes.


4. Treatment of Depressions with Q.Light Light Therapy

Q.Light SAD CARE is especially designed for the application of Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) and neurological treatments in medical practices, clinics, specialized treatment centers, nursing homes/services and for the treatment at home.

Q.Light SAD CARE therapy is especially applied for:

   - Seasonal Effective Disorders (SAD)
   - Depressions
   - Sleep disorders
   - Jet lag

Biological effectiveness:
Q.Light SAD CARE emits a special, UV-free and natural full daylight spectrum with 10 000 Lux. Medical studies prove, that hormonal metabolism induced by natural daylight is highly effective against Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) and is today the treatment of first choice. The modulation of hormonal metabolism induced through light is due to light energy which enters the eyes. The electrical energy is transported to the region of hypothalamus and regulates the rhythm of the biological clock due to metabolic enhancement of the pituitary gland (hypotheses) and the pineal gland (epiphyses). The therapy with bright light of Q.Light SAD CARE corrects the inner biological clock, takes care that serotonin in higher concentration is developed and reactivates activity of neurotransmitters. Lack of serotonin is the reason of many depressions. Neurotransmitters are responsible for improvement of thinking, feeling, sleeping and life in general.

5. Cellulite treatment with Q.Light CELLULITE Module

The Q.Light CELLULITE Module is especially designed to support metabolic processes and to stimulate lymphatic activity as well as for combined application with anti cellulite cosmetic creams or ampule cures. The synergy effect is an improved and deeper penetration of active substances into the skin.

Q.Light CELLULITE treatment is recommended for
 - Cellulite in all phases
   - Weak connective tissue
   - Metabolic disturbances
   - Improvement of perfusion in skin and tissue
   - Lymphatic drainage

Biological effectiveness:

   - Stimulation of lymphatic activity
   - Supports metabolism of fatty cells
   - Optimizes action of Anti Cellulite Products
Due to the scientific proven enhancement of micro circulation and regulation of metabolic processes of fatty cells, weakness of connective tissue is reduced, lymphatic drainage is reactivated and waste products are flushed away. The tissue can regenerate itself, the skin becomes smooth and toned and stored contents of fat captured in cells are diminished. Visible toning and tightening of the connective tissue is the result without any surgical operation.

6. Anti Ageing Treatment with Q.Light Anti Ageing Module

The Q.Light ANTI AGING Module was especially developed for dermato cosmetic applications. Skin conditions due to natural aging processes, due to UV-radiation, poor nutrition or smoking can be positively and visually improved.

Q.Light ANTI AGING treatment is especially recommended for:

- Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
   - Retarding of aging processes
   - Enhancing of micro circulation
   - Stimulation and regulation of the skins
repair mechanisms
   - Treatment of tired and dull looking skin
   - Combined application together with Anti Aging Creams or Ampules

Biological effectiveness:
   - Activation of local and systemic micro circulation
   - Stimulation of skin repair mechanism
   - Support of collagen and elastic fiber production
   - Optimizes and deepens the effect of anti aging products

The significant, positive effect of the treatment with the Q.Light ANTI AGING Module is basically due to the up to 45% enhanced micro circulation in skin and tissue. The clear improved perfusion in blood capillaries, the higher concentration of growth factors for cell renewal and optimized oxygen transport function of circulating blood, leads to renewal and reactivation of skin and tissue cells. Furthermore the natural moisture production of cells is supported. As a result of these effects the treated skin looks and feels younger, smoother and very supple.

7. Skin Care with Q.Light SKIN CARE Module

The Q.Light SKIN CARE Module was especially developed for a broad band of cosmetological applications. Due to stimulation of skin repair mechanisms, support of metabolism as well as activation of collagen and elastine fibre production, a younger, smoother and healthier skin is achieved.

Q.Light SKIN CARE treatment is especially recommended for:
   - tired and dull looking skin
   - skin with insufficient blood circulation
   - skin with tendency to impurity
   - treatment of skin irritations
   - itchy and nervous feeling skin
   - dry skin
   - tense feeling skin

Biological effectiveness:
   - Activates local microcirculation
   - Supports oxygen supply to skin and tissue
   - Optimises permeability of cell membrane
   - Improvement of the skins absorption potential for active cosmetic substances

Photomodulation of the cells:
As a consequence of the treatment with Q.Light SKIN CARE Modul cell biological processes are regulated. Due to stimulated and therefore enhanced microcirculation the oxygen supply to skin cells are optimized and as a result also cell energy is enhanced.

8. P.D.T Photo Dynamic Therapy with Q.Light

The Q.Light PDT is developed for photo-dynamic therapy of skin tumor cells and which is based on the research results of photo-dynamic therapy (PDT), and clinical approval of different photosensitive substances.

Q.Light PDT is applied in Dermatology for the following indications:

  Actinic Keratosis
  Morbus Bowen (Bowens disease)
  Basil Cell Carcinoma

  Initial spinozellulares Carcinoma

Biological effectiveness:

The topical photo dynamic therapy (PDT) is based on the selective destruction of epidermal and dermal skin tumor cells (depth penetration is 3–4 mm) through application of photosensitive drugs. Tumor cells accumulate photosensitive drugs for the reason of enhanced metabolism. Due to radiation of high energetic light in the visible red spectrum, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are produced which leads to death of the targeted tumor cells.


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