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Optima 518 Classic,
New Standards in Safety and Efficiency & Speed of FDA Approved IPL

Repetition Rate: One pulse every 0.5 (half) second.

With only one Laser Equipment you can offer your Clientele All The Laser Procedures pain free & Fast. ( 6 times faster & 30% more power than Record Classic ) In Laser Medicine such as:

1. Laser Hair Removal
 Removing Hair Of All colors On All skin types- even Tanned Skin

2. laser Acne / adult Acne
Treating P. Acne, Papules, Pustules, Nodules, Acne Vulgaris & Pimples.

3. Laser Skin Rejuvenation S/R
Skin Rejuvenation / Skin Tightening / Anti Aging / Foto Facial / Laser Facial / Wrinkle-Reduction / Seborrhea / Herpes / Eczema / Psoriasis / Keratosis Pilaris / Scar Removal 

4. Laser Pigmentation

Tattoo Removal / Pigmented Skin / Laser Sun Damage / Age Spot / dark & Brown Spot

5. Laser Vascular 

Rosacea/ Couperose / Spider Veins

Include unlimited Free Training for You & Your Employees.

IPL Optima 518 Classic Price. Please Call 24/7 for Pricing


And The Market's Lowest Running Cost:

• One Lamp, 200,000 light pulses, Suitable for an entire year of extensive use (averagely)

• Fast Flashes: Every 0.5 (half)  Second.

• Cutting-Edge Lamp technology at a very affordable price.

• Simple Lamp Exchanging Procedure
(1 Min., No tools needed).

• Maintenance Free

GEM-IPL Patented Technology:

Painless and Effective Treatment !

The Geometric Energy Management (GEM) technology delivers the Light

energy directly to the hair follicles located underneath the skin surface,

avoiding skin burns and waste of energy on undesired tissues.

Wide Wavelength Range:

420 – 1100 nm, Suitable for various colors of skin and hair

Color Light     Spectrum Range               Treatment

Violet:                 420-430 nm            Acne, Seborrhea, Herpes

Indigo:            430-440 nm            Acne, Seborrhea, Herpes

Blue:                   440-490 nm            Hair, Acne, Seborrhea,

Green:                490-570 nm           Hair, Skin rejuvenation

Yellow:               570-585 nm           Hair, Skin rejuvenation

Orange:           585-620 nm           Hair, Skin rejuvenation, Coupe rose

Red:                 620-780 nm           Hair, Skin rejuvenation, Coupe rose

Infra red
780-1100 nm          Hair, Skin rejuvenation, Tattoo

Universal Hand-Piece.

  New Generation Hand-Piece Design:

  * Handy and Agronomic Design. Enables access to various body's parts.

  * Wide Effective Treatment Spot Area (7.5 cm2). 

* The Optima - 518 Classic is the first model to use the new Mark II multipurpose hand piece which enables:

* Faster treatments - up to 0.5 Seconds between pulses.

* Real-time hand piece temperature control.

* Contemporary and stylish design.

* Light weight design - 25% less weight to improve the therapists' comfort.

Research Program:
For clinical investigations, the self setting program allows researchers to set the treatment's parameters according to their needs.
Allowing advanced research with the device.
The energy levels in the self setting program can reach 31J\cm2 with high intensity of 4,000W.

Energy Output:

High Power: Up to effective 31 goul/ cm2 of Intense Light Fluency

Computerized Control:

• Large User Friendly Digital Control Panel.

• 12 Pre-Set Treatment Programs.

• Clear Operation Instructions.

• Comprehensive and continuous Data Flow of the Machine's Performance. 

Functional Design:

• Contemporary and Human Engineering Design.

• Large Graphical LCD.                                           

• Practical Rolling Stand and Locker.

Technical Features:

Repetition Rate: One pulse every 0.5 sec.

Max Energy Output: 31 joules/cm2.

Max Power Output: up to 4,000 Watt.

Operation Voltage: 230VAC or 110VAC.

Weight: 40 Kg (Including Stand and Locker).

Dimensions: 44cm x 45cm x 100cm.

Safety Standards & Approvals:

• FDA Approved & U.S. Safety Standard.

• CE-MDD International Medical Standard.

• IEC 601-1 Medical Safety Standard.

• CFS Governmental Health Approval.

• CSA Canadian & US Safety Approval.

• ISO-13485 Quality Medical Production.

• ISO-9001 Quality Management Standard.


For more information and pricing about our products and services please call our 24/7 assistance @
Inside U.S.A888 - 881 - 8086

Outside U.S.A  1-310-350-1621

  Or Email us @

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