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U.S. Cosmetic Laser Inc.


Presenting the most superior and advance technologies

FDA Approved

Active Optical Laser/IPL / Diod Systems
  We Are 
Authorized Dealer In U.S.A

Clinical Research
with F.D.A Approved

Our price is manufactures' price Guaranteed,

Include one year warranty.

Financing Available
Rental Available in Los Angeles
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Rent First, If You Like The Machine,
Buy It Later.

We Offer Manufactures Prices Guaranteed.

1.  Body Shape & Skin Tightening R.F. Micro Pen  $20.000

2.  Spirit 918 Diod Laser Hair Removal System $30.000

3.  Extra 818 Classic IPL $24.000  


4.  Optima 518 Classic IPL $20.000  

( for more info Click here )
5. IPL Lamp for Optima 518 Classic, Record & Crystal Series  $1200

Zimmer Cooling Medicine System  $9,900
                    (for more info Click here)      

Q.Light P.D.T Photo Therapy ........ $5.900

8.  Per-owned Certified Laser / IPL ...
$? please call 24/7 for pricing.                                                                                ( for more info Click here )

9. Laser/IPL protection Patient  Goggles (Small).......

Laser/IPL protection Technician  Goggles (Dark) ..$149.00

Laser/IPL protection Technician  Goggles (Bright).$149.00

12. Invacare Pure Oxygen Machine $1500.00

Our Pain Free Laser Machine with Advance technology In Aesthetic Laser Medicine With More than 30 Years Medical Study And research,  Known As One Machine Does It All.

Our Extra 818 and Optima 518 Classic have been design with advance in medicine and technology to do all the treatments in one platform such as:

1. Laser Hair Removal
Removing Hair Of All colors On All skin types- even Tanned Skin.

2. laser Acne / adult Acne
Treating Acne Papules, Pustules, Nodules, Cysts, Acne Vulgaris, Cystic Acne & Pimples.

3. Laser Skin Rejuvenation S/R
Skin Rejuvenation / Skin Tightening / Anti Aging / Foto Facial / Laser Facial / Wrinkle-Reduction / Seborrhea / Herpes / Eczema / Psoriasis / Scar Removal. 

4. Laser Pigmentation

Tattoo Removal / Pigmented Skin / Sun Damage / Age Spot / dark & Brown Spot.

5. Laser Vascular 

Rosacea / Couperose / Spider Veins.

At U.S. Cosmetic Laser Inc. You have the right to try out and perform our Laser IPL Machines on your self or your patients free of charge and without any obligation to purchase, please call and make an appointment to try out our advance technology.

And If you liked the convenience, safety and the result of the treatment, then you can purchase the machine as you wish.

It can't be easier, Seriously!

U.S. COSMETIC LASER INC. Enables Physicians & Medical Spa To Build Their Business & Practice With Confidence.  Because at U.S. Cosmetic Laser Inc your satisfaction is our demand and I guaranty, you aren't going to be disappointed. 

If you have or feel any of these issue then let us to help you out:

If you have tight budget to buy laser equipment?

Are you tired of paying high interest rate on Laser Equipment?

Are you exhausted at not making  your investment back on Laser Equipment?

Don't want to spend $150,000 dollars and more for a cosmetic laser machine?

At the same time, you don't want to throw your money away on used laser equipment that won't work.

And Seriously sucking your blood for service plan, replacement parts & extended warranty which easily can put you in bankruptcy, If you already own a Laser equipment i am sure you are familiar with what i am talking about.


If you don't own any Laser Equipment or you want to add more laser services to your practice I can give you some hints about how to search for a good reliable & low running cost Laser Machine:

1.  What services you are looking to offer at your Spa or Practice.

2. What Laser Equipment are able to do the job.

3. What is your budget.

4. What is the price of the Laser Equipment.

5. Call different Laser Companies for equipment cost and information.

5. Ask for Service plan & extended warranty cost per year.

6. Ask for replacement part of unit & how often should be changed.

7. Ask about the running cost of the Laser Equipment per treatment.

And the last question to your self:

7. Is market able to pay back for all those coast, specially with so many competitions and economy recession..

I understand just what you're going through.

You want to save each and every dollar you can, to upgrade your company, but you also don't have time to deal with used, per-owned laser equipment that's substandard.  

U.S. COSMETIC LASER INC. focusing to provide the best cosmetic laser equipments at the best price, service plan and training in USA. 

We have established a reputation for best, fast and reliable Cosmetic Laser equipments that bring revenue to your business not to put your business in bankruptcy.

Our service plan never let your practice run without Laser Machine, if any technical issues happen just call our 24/7 assistance and we will replace the unit in less than 24 hours with a same technology  equipment and return it back to you after repair, our peace of mind service plan make the business easier for you.

Free Training @ Our Facility. 

Get trained like never before! A visit to our office for unlimited training for Laser, IPL, CO2, R.F. , PRP, Filler Injections, Botox, Fractional RF Micro Pen and more are just a few advantages of dealing with:

U.S. Cosmetic Laser Inc.

We Match & Beat Any Competitors' Prices

All these plus best price & best service plan guaranteed.

For More Info About Our Laser Machines, Please Click Here

For Price and more information about our Lasers, products and services please call our 24/7 assistance @
Inside U.S.A (888)- 881 - 8086

Outside U.S.A 1-310-350-1621

  Or Email us @


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